7620 Paseo Boulevard Sold

  • $63,500
  • 3 beds
  • 2 baths
  • 1,196 sqft

This gorgeous home provides all the amenities! Centrally located in the desirable Marlborough Heights neighborhood, this property is just a short way from shopping, parks, and major thoroughfares. Spacious rooms, a remodeled kitchen, and a beautiful yard are just some of the features. Enjoy it all … at an amazing price!

Rehab includes updated appliances, including a new dishwasher and water heater, as well as upgraded lighting, new garage and entry doors, and landscaping.

Down Payment: $12,700

Rent: $750
Insurance: $50
Taxes: $53
Management: $75
Maintenance & Vacancy: $45
Estimated Loan Amount: $50,800
Estimated Monthly Loan Payment: $260


7620 Paseo Blvd Table

DISCLOSURE: Property management fees are calculated at 10% of gross monthly rent. Multi-family management fees vary and are at the discretion of the author. Insurance rates are calculated at $50 per month. Vacancy/Maintenance is calculated at 6% of the gross monthly rent. Down payment is calculated at 20% of the purchase price. Loan payment is calculated at 4% APR over 30 years. Recent sales and neighborhood snapshot pulled from online resources including websites, such as local MLS and City-Data. Cash on cash is defined as the cash income realized on the cash invested. It is the customers responsibility to check the accuracy of all data sheets. MC Properties and/or its affiliates do not assume, warrant, or guarantee current or future values, rents, or costs. Purchasing rental properties involves risk and may not be for all investors. Investors should take legal advise before entering into a contract. Leveraging properties results in a higher degree of risk. Losses may be incurred greater than the amount initially deposited. Opinions, estimates, and projections in this report constitute the current judgement of the author.

7620 Paseo Boulevard
Kansas City, MO 64131
Square Feet:
For Sale
Property Type:
Year Built:

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