We’ve worked with lots of great people over the years. Here’s what just a few have had to say about M&C Properties Real Estate Services LLC .

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I like working with Cara Painter and her team. She is good at getting things done. Cara is very good at closing before the deadlines. Highly recommend working with her. Property management team is top notch. Her staff is personable and responsive.

- Stephanie Gott

I highly recommend Cara Painter. She has a good understanding of the neighborhoods of KansasCity and was able to make recommendations that fit our needs. She’s professional and personable.

- L A

Cara does a great job. She and her team are aggressive and I like working with them.

- Dave Sterling

Cara has been fantastic in helping me build my portfolio of income properties. She listened to what I wanted and found exactly what I was looking for. Now she is managing those homes along with my apartments too. She is responsive and her team is helpful. I recommend her.

- Sara Foster
I have been dealing with Alpine and MC for over five years and only have good things to say about our dealings with them. Since I have turned my properties over to them, I have had complete peace of mind. They keep the property rented, and any problems that come up are handled quickly and professionally. They have people who are trained in each of their fields who respond to the problem in a reasonably priced and competent manner. I had a furnace looked at and a couple of plumbing issues that came up, and the problem is solved without me having to deal with it. I mainly look at the cash flow of the property and know there is some cost of doing business, which they handle quickly and professionally. Over the years I have dealt with the stock market at work and a 401k and, without so much as an apology, I lost thousands overnight. I like the fact my properties are a tangable asset and I know how much money I am making along with any expenses. As far as I am concerned, I would invest the rest of my cash in properties through them if my work would let me.
- Charles P.
My wife and I started investing in real estate a little over 2 years ago using Wholesale Houses [MC Properties] and Alpine. What we wanted was a company that would take care of the day-to-day issues as we did not want to get into the management of tenants and the property. Figure in the cost of management and it is part of the budget – well worth it. Our first property was in KC and managed by Alpine KC. They have been extremely professional and we have not had to worry about the property at all. They screened and placed the tenant (and they do a great job at it) same tenant for over 2 years.
They manage the rent collection and distribution like clockwork. And they keep us posted if anything needs to be done. Definitely a turn key operation. Well worth the fee they charge.
We purchased this houses using my wife’s IRA funds which they helped us turn into a self-directed IRA and LLC.  We pulled her money out of a traditional IRA as her IRA had been flat for about 3-4 years (well did made enough money to pay the IRA managers fee). Since we have made the change her IRA portfolio has increase steadily at about 11% after paying all the fees and expenses and Alpine KC makes it look easy.       .  
Best decision (other than getting married) we both have made.
- Don Byrd
My wife and I started investing last year, and knew we would have to invest across state lines for any property to make sense. We met Marcus and Cara in the summer and received a thorough presentation on the conditions in the Kansas City market, the Alpine business model, and several properties. There was clear value in their approach of offering both property acquisition and management from one professional source. The pro formas on their properties were equal to or better than some other markets we were evaluating at the time. We really liked the Kansas City market overall, and because my wife knows the area somewhat, we felt like we could understand KC a little better, and that there were long-term trends that would help the market perform well.
Marcus and Cara understand the market and their business. They have been willing to keep us updated whenever we had questions, and their staff is also willing to answer questions. They have a great reporting system. The properties were advertised and rented very quickly. It’s a great feeling to see the positive cash flow every month. Marcus and Cara have been key in that, and we hope to continue investing with them.
- Brandon Wilborn

Awesome team and Systems you can rely on!! If your looking for cash flow, MC Properties in KC is your Operator!

My dad had the house I grew up in, the house was vacant and a bit run down , no one had lived in it since my mother passed in 2000. My dad lives with me and has health problems, so we sold the house to MC properties, Kenneth worked with me day to day, cause of my dads was in and out of the hospital and doctors appt. We got a fair price for the house and a patience person to deal with, I would recommend Ken and his company to any of my friends. From start to closing Ken kept me informed of all things and updated me almost daily.Felt more like a friend buying my house not a stranger. Thanks again Kenneth from my Dad and I.