6 props sold in 5 days!!

It is good for an organization to slow down and take a look at where it’s at and evaluate where it’s going. ¬†It’s not easy taking a hard look at yourself and saying “I’m not very good at that”. But if you’re willing to go through the process and truly commit to digging in deep you can make great strides forward. And that’s exactly what we did December 2014. All systems from how we handle buyer and seller leads to marketing and back office to even our website were under scrutiny.

After looking at all of our systems, MC decided we just weren’t happy with the direction we were going. After what seemed like an incredibly painful process of evaluation we emerged with something that we can truly be proud of…Improved integrated systems with increased¬†work flow and better customer service.

At MC, we now have an in-house call center that can handle all the buyer and seller leads that funnel in…and that’s exciting! We also have an improved follow-up system with automated tasks that self generate. No more deals falling through the cracks. We are already starting to see the results of this improved system. Closing 6 deals in 5 days and many more deals in the pipeline!

We had a short office party to celebrate all of the hard work we put in these last few months. It’s fun to celebrate with people that have your back and are willing to get down in the trenches with you to make things happen. We have a great team at MC and Alpine and it really shows.

Dance Party at MC
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