Out and About with Kyle

My day to day in the office varies. Most days are slow and steady which gives me plenty of time for writing and researching different real estate topics. Other days can be hectic with phones ringing left and right with so much work to do in between. Today was one of those days when I get … Continued

Upcoming Event!

    What better way to celebrate midsummer than expansion and growth? In just a couple of weeks MC Properties will be presenting at a property showcase in California. MC will be networking with a company that provides quality education for real estate investors at an affordable price, along with teaching attendees about investing in … Continued

One Stop Shop: MC Properties & Alpine Property Management

So you’re looking for a place to sell your home? Or maybe you’re an interested buyer looking to invest in some rental properties? Then the best place for you to start is MC Properties. Located right in the heart of North Kansas City (or Northland to the locals) is a team of individuals dedicated to … Continued