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What better way to celebrate midsummer than expansion and growth? In just a couple of weeks MC Properties will be presenting at a property showcase in California. MC will be networking with a company that provides quality education for real estate investors at an affordable price, along with teaching attendees about investing in different real estate markets and properties across the United States. As an added bonus the showcase will also provide a valuable team of experts who mentor and coach network members.








MC’s owners, Marcus and Cara Painter, will have a chance to share the knowledge they’ve gained over the years working with real estate investments in the Kansas City area. With the main focus being turnkey investments, they will go over the benefits of capitalizing in this up and coming market. The Painters will also go over company statistics and tips & tricks they’ve acquired along the way. Job growth, along with other major attractions in Kansas City, will be included in the topic of discussion. Alpine Properties KC, owned by MC, will be included in the presentations lineup as well because of its important role in managing the turnkey properties.

With such an amazing opportunity on the way, it’s expected that MC Properties will show the Golden State the “Show Me” way.

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